Marketplace Money for Friday, October 14, 2011

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Our parents have a huge influence on how we manage our money. Car-sharing services are on the rise. Auto makers aren't shaking in their boots. Occupy Wall Street is comprised of a diverse group of people. A "one-percenter" -- investment adviser Josh Brown -- explained to the executives of his industry why American citizens are so angry at them.

Piggy Bank Award: For a stable 'micro-economy'

This week's piggy is awarded to a couple who made smart money decisions for their own "micro-economy."
Posted In: Personal Finance

Getting Personal: How to get out of an $85,000 hole

Tess Vigeland and Marketplace's economics editor Chris Farrell answer listeners' money questions.
Posted In: Personal Finance

What should your stock portfolio look like?

The erratic ups and downs -- particularly the downs -- of the market may make you want to run away from Wall Street. But we talk about asset allocations and how to do it right.
Posted In: Investing

What's in your wallet, Christian Crocker?

A former personal trainer who suffered a terrible car accident shares what he keeps in his wallet to keep himself motivated.

Car shares may double as an extended test drive

On the fence about what car to buy? New car-sharing services like RelayRides and Zipcar are making it easier for people to rent out automobiles and test drive them.
Posted In: Auto

Voices from Occupy Wall Street

From unemployed college grads to homemakers, reporter Stacey Vanek Smith talks to the people who are protesting in Zuccotti Park.
Posted In: Economy

Dear Wall Street, this is why the people are angry

Josh Brown may be in the same group as the bankers and brokers that the Occupy movements are protesting against, but he's just as angry as the protestors are at his own industry.
Posted In: protest, Occupy Wall Street

Learning about retirement from mom

Your parents have a huge influence on how you deal with money. A personal finance columnist shares what she learned about retirement from her mother.
Posted In: Retirement

'Make the Bread, Buy the Butter'

We learn what's cheaper -- and tastier -- to make at home and what you should just buy from the grocery store.
Posted In: Food

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