Marketplace Money for Friday, October 12, 2012

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This weekend, a full show dedicated to our listeners and any personal finance questions you might have. Liz Weston, personal finance columnist with MSN Money,  joins host Tess Vigeland to cover a diverse range of topics. From improving your credit score to managing student loan debt, short selling your underwater house to paying off all those credit cards -- we're answering your questions and offering up sound advice.

Should you take on debt to help your credit score?

Many of us have heard that in order to keep our credit in good standing, it is actually best to keep some debt on the books. But is there really any truth to this?
Posted In: debt, credit, credit score

How parents should handle their child's student loans

When you're a parent helping your kids pursue their dreams and paying for their college education, what do you do when your debt suddenly skyrockets?
Posted In: Personal Finance, student loan debt

When to move on from your underwater mortgage

One homeowner wonders what she should do with the underwater home she rents out when it's draining her finances.
Posted In: rent, Housing

Paying for school when you're already in debt

When you pursue higher education with a big debt load weighing you down, it can be hard to figure out how to manage your scarce resources and still achieve your goals.
Posted In: debt, college, student debt, medical costs

Advice for when you're drowning in credit card debt

It's a situation facing many Americans -- you're thousands of dollars in debt with seemingly no end in sight. What can you do? MSN's Liz Weston offers some advice.
Posted In: credit card debt, debt

Retiree: Pay for a house outright or carry a mortgage?

One retiree is seeking to sell her house and move. But she wonders whether it would be wiser to pay for a house with cash or carry a mortgage in retirement.
Posted In: Retirement, Housing, Investing, mortgage

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