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This Week: The Fed & the 401(k). President Obama nominated Janet Yellen to be the next Federal Reserve chair. We take a look at that news in the context of one area where the Federal Reserve matters: interest rates and housing. And, more than 70 million Americans have retirement accounts at work. In the last few years, there have been more lawsuits filed by workers against their companies and the plans they administer. What should you know about your 401(k)? A primer on the questions to ask your administrator about fees and performance. Plus, an update on the health care exchanges. Then, Marketplace’s Chris Farrell answers your personal finance questions, including when to buy life-insurance.

Giving the health care exchanges a check-up

Two weeks in, what's the status of the state and federal insurance exchanges?
Posted In: health care exchanges

What the Fed means for your wallet and other listener questions

Marketplace Money's personal finance editor Chris Farrell joins the show to answer your questions.
Posted In: listener questions, Federal Reserve, janet yellin, real estate

A tactical approach to personal finance

When it comes to personal finance, a military-esque dedication to discipline can work well.
Posted In: Saving, Personal Finance, Books

Major companies settle lawsuits over 401k plans

In the last few years, current and former employees have taken their companies to court over workplace retirement accounts.
Posted In: Retirement, 401k, lawsuits

Rethinking retirement allocations

Many workers and soon-to-be retirees live by a set of rules they were told would let them live comfortably. But a new report shows one of those major guidelines might need a revision.
Posted In: Retirement, advice, stock market

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