Marketplace Money for Friday, November 26, 2010

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Marketplace Money for Friday, November 26, 2010

Getting Personal: Shoebox finances, early retirement savings

Tess Vigeland talks to the L.A. Times' David Lazarus about savings for early retirement and shoebox finances.

Are consumers really abstaining from credit cards?

As we come across another holiday season, a new study reveals that consumers plan on holding back from using credit cards. Is this really true? Nancy Marshall Genzer investigates.
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Too much money can be a problem too

Fort McMurray, Alberta may be the only town that breathed a sigh of relief when the recession came. Fort McMurray is a modern day boomtown that's struggling to keep up with near 10 percent a year growth and the flood of money from the nearby oil sands.
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The recession for African-Americans

Marketplace's Jeremy Hobson reports on another recession -- the one hitting African Americans. The recession hit African Americans more acutely, because of factors such as less savings and higher incarceration rates, which deters many from looking for jobs.
Posted In: Jobs

Googling and Facebooking to a job

Social media more often seems to be a way to get kicked out of a job -- unseemly photos, an off-color post -- but some job-seekers are using it to land their dream jobs.
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Mexicans were the original frugalistas

It's trendy to be frugal now -- canning your own jellies, altering your own clothes -- but commentator Gustavo Arellano reminds listeners that Mexicans were being frugal long before the recession.

Marketers like that you "Like"

The ubiquitous, but innocuous "Like" button on your favorite retail and media websites is a boon for marketers. Just one click and they access to a full range of your personal details -- and your friends' too.
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SLIDESHOW: Tomato Sauce Canning Recipe and Instructions

Kevin West runs the blog Saving the Season where he writes about the joys of canning. West recently taught a canning seminar at Surfas Restaurant Supply & Gourmet Food test kitchen. Here is a step-by-step photo tutorial that shows you how to can your own tomato sauce.
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