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Are you prepared for the worst? Do you know exactly what your insurance policy covers? Can your stock and bond portfolio withstand another financial crisis? Do you have a will in place? This week we present a special program in collaboration with The New York Times -- Bulletproofing Your Finances. From natural disasters to man-made catastrophes like the financial crisis of 2008, we'll talk about how to prepare yourself -- and your finances -- as fully as possible.

One woman's story of elder financial abuse

Anna Mae Franklin, 83, describes how she learned about elder financial abuse the hard way.
Posted In: elderly, elderly abuse

A resource guide to bulletproofing your finances

Are you prepared to face a crisis -- both natural and man-made? Explore our resource guide to help you prepare yourself -- and your finances -- for the worst.
Posted In: Personal Finance

Joplin residents carry on after tornado

In May 2011, a tornado ripped through Joplin, Mo., killing 161 people. As Joplin's residents make their way through the stages of grief, three families discuss how they survived and how they're preparing for the next one.
Posted In: Joplin, disaster

Why mental health check-ups matter

Physical check-ups with physicians are common, but what about a tune-up for your mind?
Posted In: Health, health care, mental health

The importance of living wills for singles

The passing of a loved one creates obvious emotional crisis for a family. But it can also fuel a financial crisis -- especially if there's no will.
Posted In: will, living will

Rebranding the emergency fund... and how to save for it

Emergency fund/uncertainty fund -- whatever you want to call it -- Carl Richards from the New York Times says it's important to set aside money for a rainy day.
Posted In: emergency fund

Bulletproofing yourself financially

Are you prepared for the worst? It's time to bulletproof your finances.
Posted In: disasters, natural disasters

Gold bugs find the shine in precious metal

There are plenty of so-called "gold bugs" out there -- people who hoard big chunks of the precious metal, as in actual gold.
Posted In: gold, crisis

Are stocks still the best investment option?

The 2008 stock market crash sent folks walking away from Wall Street. Even today, an air of fear still holds some from re-entering the market. Have investors come around?
Posted In: Investing, investors, stock market

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