Marketplace Money for Friday, November 1, 2013

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This weekend, personal finance expert Carmen Wong Ulrich debuts as the new host of Marketplace Money. We'll have a round-up of personal-finance headlines in the news and a discussion on how keeping secrets about money affects relationships. Plus, a debate about whether or not marriage should be viewed as a financial contract. We'll answer questions about credit card debt, early retirement and the role credit history plays in personal identity from our listeners.

Want to retire early? Answer these questions first

Marketplace Money listener Amanda wants to retire at the age of 30. What should she know before she makes the leap?
Posted In: listener questions, Retirement

Spending money saves money, sometimes

A look at the top 10 things you can save on by comparison shopping.
Posted In: Saving, Personal Finance, spending

Family finance lessons: Viral hitmaker Tay Zonday

Adam Bahner, better known as Tay Zonday, talks about what he learned from his parents that helps him manage his finances as a professional viral video superstar and campy Internet sensation.
Posted In: family advice, viral, YouTube

10 home-buying mistakes to avoid (infographic)

You want that new home, but make sure you don't make a decision you'll regret later
Posted In: Housing, mistakes, Personal Finance

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