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It may be a lousy job market out there -- STILL -- but some kids are young enough to believe their dream job awaits. We'll hear what they learned from mom and dad on Take your Daughter or Son to Work Day. And maybe it's time to put your money in a bottle. A wine bottle. The wine world has its own index and everything -- but should you invest? If you just want to sip it, we also have advice on how to get the best wine for the lowest price. And NFL great and multi-millionaire Warren Sapp gives his first broadcast interview since filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. So how does it happen?

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In vino, profit!

In an age of uncertainty on the stock markets, shrewd investors in London are investing their money in fine wines and reaping a handsome return.
Posted In: Investing, wine

The 401(k): A failed experiment?

Labor economist Teresa Ghilarducci thinks it's time for the 401(k) to be replaced.
Posted In: 401(k), retirement savings, retirement planning, Joe Nocera, New York Times

Your major may explain your debt

Commentator Peter Morici sees a link between what we study and what we owe.
Posted In: Commentaries, peter morici, Education, student loan debt

Letters: Michael Ian Black and record-low mortgage rates

Senior Producer Paddy Hirsch joins Tess to discuss what's on your mind.
Posted In: michael ian black, home purchase mortgage, points, gina kolata

Manly investing

From joining the Marines to fighting a UFC champion, author Joel Stein took on the crucibles of masculinity and came away with some interesting personal finance insights.
Posted In: masculinity, men, Books, joel stein

Taking your kids to work

Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day has evolved since it was first started -- for daughters only -- 20 years ago.
Posted In: kids, parenting, Jobs, employment, Entrepreneurship, women

NFL legend Warren Sapp on his financial life after football

Super Bowl winning defensive tackle Warren Sapp discusses his recent bankruptcy filing and the lessons it has taught him.
Posted In: warren sapp, football, NFL, personal finances, Sports

How to pick a fine wine

Tess Vigeland pays a visit to the Fine Wine House in Los Angeles to learn how to pick a delicious wine that's also easy on the pocketbook.
Posted In: wine, Entertainment, hobbies

Piggy for good financial leadership

Katie Davis from Fayetteville, N.C. and her husband Matt are paying themselves first.
Posted In: piggy bank award, personal finances

Employment numbers? Ignore them.

Our New York bureau chief Heidi Moore tells us why we shouldn't be moved by the monthly jobs numbers.
Posted In: Jobs, employment, Unemployment

How should athletes manage their money?

A money manager who works with athletes says the basic rules of sound personal finance still apply, even if you're making millions.
Posted In: Personal Finance, athletes, Saving, Investing

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