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If you're not at home, you're likely at work.  Or vice versa.  So, we're paying close attention to how the housing market is doing and ways to make workplace relationships healthier. First, mortgage interest rates rose from historic lows this week and that's giving some home shoppers pause in their decision to purchase. Should a few percentage points matter? And how has home buying changed in recent years? The paperwork hasn't gotten any less complicated, that's for sure. Now onto the office: Is it true you need to be a self-serving, aggressive employee to get ahead at work? There's new research about givers and takers on the job. Also, how do you handle a mean, moody boss or an inappropriately dressed coworker? Maybe send them a snarky e-card and they'll get the message. The co-founders of talk about laughing away workplace woes.

'When work feels overwhelming, remember you're going to die' and other uplifting greetings

Plenty of disgruntled workers have discovered -- a funny greeting card site where snarky messages express everything you're thinking, but would never say aloud. The card's
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Advice for your awkward workplace dilemmas

Clashing personalities at the office can lead to some uncomfortable -- even toxic -- work environments. What can be done about a colleague who's too loud? A moody boss? Here's some sage advice for how to handle your awkward office lives.
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Rising mortgage interest rates: A make or break moment for homebuyers?

Recently, the housing market has been making headlines for making a historic recovery. New home sales, existing home sales and pending sales are all up. But so are mortgage interest rates as of this week. That's not so good, but should it make shoppers reconsider buying a home?
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When it comes to work, are you a giver or taker?

Great news: turns out you don't have to be an aggressive, self-serving, manipulative employee to get ahead at work! New research shows that "givers," people who do favors for others, are some of the most successful people at the office.
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