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On this Memorial weekend, lots of us will gather for hot dogs, hamburgers and beer. But of course, the weekend is about much more than backyard barbecues. It's about military service and sacrifice. We're spending a little time with the military and learning about how Marines at Camp Pendleton are themselves learning financial literacy. We'll also hear from military spouses about the financial challenges they face as husbands and wives deploy to war. And perspective from one of the country's five million long-term unemployed as she struggles to break out of the cycle of joblessness.

Gateway Stocks: Starting investors young

Think junior's ready to dive into Wall Street? Some parents are buying their kids a share or two, to teach them about investing.
Posted In: gateway, stock, certificates, Investing, kids

The mail bag: Student debt and risk-averse investing

Host Tess Vigeland and Sr. Producer Paddy Hirsch discuss what's been on your minds.
Posted In: letters, listener mail, reich, mccluskey, Investing

Semper Fi-nance: Marines and money

Marines need focus to achieve missions. One commander is helping Marines take one worry off their minds: personal finances.
Posted In: marines, financial literacy, Investing, military

Frugal state of mind's Meg Favreau makes the argument that frugal living is about prioritizing your passions.
Posted In: frugality, saving frugality spending money budget

Piggy for the 367

This week's Marketplace Money Piggy Award goes to Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 367.
Posted In: military, piggy bank award

One day at a time for the long-term unemployed

There are millions of Americans who've been out of work for more than six months. One woman shares how she stays hopeful.
Posted In: Unemployment, long-term unemployed, Jobs

How military spouses hold down the home front

Military families have some unique financial challenges compared to civilians. But citizens can learn a thing or two from the foresight these families apply to their finances.
Posted In: Personal Finance, military, families, spending, Saving, Retirement, will, life insurance

Regulators eyeing pre-paid cards

Pre-paid cards seem like the responsible way to spend money -- just spend what you have -- but they're laden with hidden fees. With more users, regulators are taking a closer look at these cards.
Posted In: prepaid card, farmville

It's summer. Time for a yard sale, right?

In summer, Americans start to dream of easy money and a clean garage -- but that dream might turn into a nightmare.
Posted In: Yard sale, summer, humor, Entrepreneurship

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