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It's time to take control of your finances -- and take control of your life. This week we talk with a young man looking for a way to get out of his parents' house and explore the financial burden parents face when their adult children live at home. And meet a listener who has finally found a job after six years of unemployment, but needs help handling her paycheck. Also, if you have questions about money -- as so many of you do -- it could be time to seek professional help. We answer all of your questions about hiring a certified financial planner. Plus, we check in on Moore, Okla., to see how the town is doing after it was devastated by a tornado and explore how difficult it could be for residents to navigate the insurance claims process and start rebuilding.

Your guide to hiring a financial planner

In a tight financial spot? Or maybe you'd like ideas on smarter ways to spend your hard-earned money? Then perhaps it's time for you to seek professional help and hire a financial planner. But before you do, take a look at our tips on how to find the perfect planner for your personal finances.
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Reality show puts firing power in the hands of employees

"Does Someone Have To Go?" is a new reality show on the Fox network. It allows office mates the authority to fire their co-workers in an attempt to repair the workplace environment. A cruel concept or a smart way to weed out unproductive employees?
Posted In: tv, Fox, reality tv, Jobs

Not-so-empty nests: When adult children live at home

A lot of parents are finding their living spaces crowded by adult children who have moved back in -- or never moved out. When is it time to give your kids a gentle nudge to take control of their own finances and go it alone?
Posted In: adult, cost of living, living at home

Oklahoma tornado victims take steps toward rebuilding

Residents in Moore, Okla., are banding together to rebuild their community following a devastating tornado that claimed lives and caused massive property damage. How difficult will the insurance claims process be for these victims?
Posted In: oklahoma, tornado

Afraid to spend money: The psychological trauma of long-term unemployment

After six years of unemployment, Maria once again has a steady paycheck. She is ready to budget responsibly and save for the future, but how should she factor in spending money on her wants as well as her needs?
Posted In: spending

'It brought us together' -- Life in Joplin two years after tornado

Two years after a tornado ripped through Joplin, Mo., the town is rebuilding its infrastructure and community.
Posted In: Joplin, tornado, disaster, natural disasters

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