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This weekend on Marketplace Money, guest host Barbara Bogaev and LA Times consumer finance columnist David Lazarus talk about how to recognize fraudulent charges on your credit card and what safeguards are in place to catch them. Then, Jill Schlesinger stops by to help answer listener’s financial questions. Marketplace Morning Report host David Brancaccio previews his trip to London for Marketplace’s “Mind the Gap” series, exploring income inequality overseas. Darren Dahl, professor of Marketing and Behavioral Science at the University of British Columbia's Sauder School of Business, joins Marketplace Money to discuss his findings that people are more likely to buy luxury goods from a snobby salesperson. Rachel Feintzeig, reporter for the Wall Street Journal, discusses the push to end the practice of unpaid internships. Finally, Kristin Wong, personal finance writer with the Lifehacker blog 'Two Cents’ talks to Barbara Bogaev about how to reduce your food budget and get spending under control. intern Dan Stein

The new rules of internships

A series of recent lawsuits against employers offering unpaid internships have changed the rules of the game.
Posted In: internships

Who's at fault for credit fraud: Company or consumer?

David Lazarus tells us a story of one woman's unidentifiable credit card charges.
Posted In: Credit card, credit card fraud, consumer finance

Snobby salespeople sell more luxury goods

Customers are more likely to buy luxury goods from rude, snooty, or aloof salespeople.
Posted In: psychology, Retail

Trim the fat from your food budget

Meal planning and reducing food waste are the biggest steps toward getting your grocery budget under control.
Posted In: Food, recipe, cooking

Marketplace heads to London

Check out what's ahead in our report from across the Atlantic.
Posted In: London

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