Marketplace Money for Friday, May 13, 2011

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Marketplace Money for Friday, May 13, 2011

FARRELL: Now is the time to buy a house

Housing prices are still falling. But Marketplace's Chris Farrell thinks you should buy now instead of waiting for prices to hit rock bottom.

Minding your financial p's and q's

Emily Yoffe, aka's "Dear Prudence," gives tips on how to broach touchy subjects like spreading the word of your impending foreclosure to friends and family, and what to tip your delivery man.
Posted In: Personal Finance

How safe are credit cards now?

The Credit Card Act was intended to crack down on some of the banks' more egregious behavior. A new Pew report says it worked. We learn where the credit card world is today and some issues card users should know.
Posted In: Credit Cards

The confusing world of tipping etiquette

Technology has made calculating gratuity easier. But in some ways, technology has also made tipping more confusing than ever.
Posted In: Personal Finance

Tweet, don't call, for better customer service

We used to write letters to complain about bad service, but these days the best way to get a company's attention is to tweet them. A listener shares her story.

Getting Personal: Planning for a lay off and saving for taxes

Host Tess Vigeland and Kiplinger's Kathy Kristof discuss whether it's a good idea to accept an offer to hold the mortgage on your home loan, how to plan for an impending lay off and how much money an independent freelancer should save for taxes.
Posted In: Housing, Savings

What is the tipping point for gas prices?

It's depressing standing next to the pump watching the dollar figure climb higher and higher for less and less gas. But one professor explains why he thinks $5 a gallon will be less shocking for consumers than $4 a gallon.
Posted In: Oil

Is home ownership still part of the American Dream?

Owning your home used to be a symbol of stability. But since the housing market crashed, some people are questioning whether owning a home is worth the trouble.
Posted In: Housing

Piggy Bank Award: Saving for a job loss

This week, host Tess Vigeland sends her weekly Piggy Bank Award to a Twin Cities Spanish teacher bracing for a layoff due to budget cuts.
Posted In: Personal Finance

What's in your wallet, Sarah Harris?

A Texan in Alabama shares the mementos she collected one summer when she toured with a band across the U.S.

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