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Do you ever look at your bank statement at the end of the month and wonder where your money went? From morning lattes, to lottery tickets and lunch dates, we'll talk about how your money trickles away on little things as well as big ticket items, like medical procedures. We'll share tips for how to save at the hospital and at college, and offer some advice on how to stop up other spending leaks. Plus, it's Mother's Day weekend. Comedian Paula Poundstone joins us to discuss why she doesn't want any gifts. And if you still need to get a gift -- eek! --we have some ideas for how to shop on a budget.

Why you shouldn't go back to school

In her new book, "Don't Go Back to School," author Kio Stark discusses why scores of people think traditional higher education is a waste of money.
Posted In: higher education, student loans, student debt

Should you be worried about online sales tax?

Lawmakers are considering a bill that would make it easier for online retailers to charge sales tax. If the legislation passes, how would it affect your online shopping habits?
Posted In: online shopping, online sales tax

Paula Poundstone on the value of Mother's Day

According to The National Retail Federation, consumers will spend $20.7 billion on Mother's Day gifts this year, but Paula Poundstone, comedian and mom of three, thinks everyone should save their money.
Posted In: mom, mother's day, spending, gifts, gift giving

Is your morning latte a waste of money? (Infographic)

Whether it's lottery tickets, bar tabs or lunch dates, we all have something we spend money on that we think we shouldn't. But according to personal finance expert Paula Pant, waste is in the eye of the beholder.
Posted In: Personal Finance, Budgeting, retirement savings, spending

How to better budget for your future

From what to do with your savings to how to budget for buying a new home, financial expert Gail Cunningham offers advice on how to plan ahead.
Posted In: budget, Budgeting

Shop around for surgery? Negotiating health care costs to save cash

New data released by the federal government reveals that costs for identical medical procedures can vary widely from hospital-to-hospital. So to get the best deal, you might have to do some comparison shopping.
Posted In: healthcare, health insurance, medical costs

The cheapest gifts you can buy Mom without breaking her heart

Looking for the perfect gift to give to Mom this Mother's Day? How about a finding a deal that shows your affection and your practically -- something every mom can appreciate.
Posted In: mother's day, gifts, shopping

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