Marketplace Money for Friday, March 9, 2012

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Marketplace's Sarah Gardner sits in as guest host for Tess Vigeland this week as we take a look at the so-called "student-loan debt bomb." Also on the show, bill collectors have found new and disturbing ways to turn a profit. We look at what the government's doing to protect you from "zombie" debt. And, what exactly do Girl Scouts learn by selling those Samoas and Do-Si-Do's? Listen to that and more this week on Marketplace Money.

What do Girl Scouts learn from selling cookies?

It's Girl Scout cookie season and you know what that means: Swaths of girls and parents hawking Thin Mints and Do-Si-Dos in supermarket parking lots and workplaces across the country. But what's the real lesson here?
Posted In: Girl Scouts, cookies, Kids and money

Why you should learn how to code

Commentator Farhad Manjoo says coding will help you keep your job or help you make a case for a raise.
Posted In: computers, coding, Education

Student loans could be the next economic 'debt bomb'

Total outstanding student loan debt is expected to surpass a trillion dollars in 2012. So what does that mean for education and the economy?
Posted In: student loan, debt

We want your tax limericks!

St. Patrick's Day is approaching and so is tax time. So we're holding a contest. Send us your tax-related limericks.
Posted In: limericks

Getting Personal: Trashing your old tax documents

Host Sarah Gardner and MSN's Liz Weston answers your personal finance conundrums.
Posted In: cosigner, loan, Taxes, Estate planning, executor, will

Job seekers and helicopter parents

An expert in advising college graduates on job searches feels the pain of parents trying to help their 20-something kids find a job.
Posted In: helicopter parents, lesley mitler, Jobs, job interview, parents

What to do if your credit history is 'thin'

Living debt-free is a good thing, right? Those with little or no credit history are finding out you really can be "too thin."
Posted In: credit agencies, credit score, FICO, debt, credit

Chasing your debt

More and more, people with outstanding debts are finding themselves in the crosshairs of swarms of collections agencies.
Posted In: collection agency, debt collection, CFPB, debt

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