Marketplace Money for Friday, March 30, 2012

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Robots -- they scan our groceries, build our cars, aggregate our news, direct us to the quickest route home, they even serve us cupcakes! This week we set out to discover just how ubiquitous robots are, and to what extent they govern our lives.  Marketplace’s David Brancaccio embarked on a 3,200-mile transamerican odyssey with his robot dog Wilson and a microwave oven. His mission: cross the country without interacting with another human being. We hear excerpts from his road diary and what it's like to live in a world where your only companions are machines.

Why self-checkout lanes don't work

Commentator Frances Frei says automation needs to improve the customer experience, not frustrate it.
Posted In: kiosk, customer service, Retail, checkout, automation, robots

It's a seller's market

Home sales in popular neighborhoods are up sharply as the economy continues its slow-but-steady recovery.
Posted In: home sales, Seattle, home housing house prices

Robots across America

Marketplace's David Brancaccio and his robot dog Wilson drive coast to coast without as much as a "hello" to fellow humans.
Posted In: Robots Ate My Job, robots, automation, gps, david brancaccio, road trip

The future of... cupcakes?

Sprinkles Cupcakes installs a robotic cupcake ATM.
Posted In: cupcakes, robots, Robots Ate My Job, automation, Jobs

Getting Personal: Health care, nursing, and investing

Host Tess Vigeland and David Lazarus from the L.A. Times answer your personal finance queries.
Posted In: Getting Personal, david lazarus, Investing, 401(k), nursing, healthcare reform

Abundance and technology

Author Peter Diamandis thinks technology will help us solve the biggest challenges we face.
Posted In: bottled water, technology

For recognizing a scam

A Big Y supermarket clerk helps a Connecticut woman from falling victim to a scam.
Posted In: scams, big y

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