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What role do your emotions play when it comes to making financial decisions? In a special collaboration with the New York Times, we examine how our feelings influence our personal finances -- from the choices we make about the pets we care for to deciding who we spend the rest of our lives with. We look at why a realtor is sometimes a homebuyer's emotional partner, why some rich folks are giving away their wealth, and how some seniors are piling on debt to help their families. Plus, Kai Ryssdal examines what happens when chasing your dream doesn't work out. Tune in this weekend to hear our special broadcast.

Caution: Chasing a dream doesn't always work out

Chasing your dream can take a lot of time and cash. And there's no guarantee that doing what you love will work out exactly as you had hoped.
Posted In: American dream, dreams, emotions

Mind Games & Money: A guide to exploring your emotions in personal finance

How emotional are you when it comes to making money decisions? Explore our special grid to find out. Plus, get tips and learn more about how emotions influence your personal finances.
Posted In: emotions, Personal Finance

How much would you spend to save your sick pet?

For many people, pets are members of the family. So how do you put a price on the life of your pet?
Posted In: pets, veterinarian

When your heart wants what's bad for your wallet

If you think about it, marriage is one of the most important financial decisions a lot of people make. But most people don't think of it that way.
Posted In: love, marriage

Expensive mistakes: Emotions and investing

Buy high and sell low is a sad truth for a reason. Time and again we let panic or euphoria drive our actions in the market and wind up making big, expensive mistakes.
Posted In: Investing, investments, emotions

Real talk with your realtor: Be honest about your feelings

Buying a house is a huge emotional decision. It's important to know the market you're buying in -- and just as important to construct a relationship with your realtor.
Posted In: Housing, real estate, emotions

More seniors pile on debt to help their family

Senior citizens are racking up debt to help out their family members -- and the younger generation is digging a hole themselves to give their parents a hand.
Posted In: elderly, senior citizens

The young and rich: 'Give away our wealth'

It may sound crazy, but a group of wealthy young people is giving their inheritance money away.
Posted In: Inheritance, the wealthy, wealth, giving

Too proud to sell: The disposition effect in behavioral finance

The disposition effect says investors tend to "sell the winners, and hold onto the losers" for purely emotional reasons. One behavioral economist fell for the classic investment mistake.
Posted In: Investing, investments

Banking on college acceptance

The private college 529 plan allows parents to prepay tuition at today's rates at some universities. The only hitch? Their kid has to get in.
Posted In: 529 college savings plan, education costs, Education

Retirement advice from a cancer survivor

Why one woman refused to let cancer alter her retirement planning.
Posted In: cancer, retirement planning, retirement savings

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