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Congratulations! You've just won a "foreign lottery," which means you've also won a chance to be scammed out of your savings and your safety. Exposing con artists targeting elderly Americans. Plus, it's never too soon to start thinking about saving for retirement, right? We talk to a trio of millenials about gearing up for the Golden Years. And if you're having trouble saving, perhaps you're in "present shock," a modern state of only focusing on the now, according to theorist Douglas Rushkoff. Also, we get the scoop on why there are so many short sales in Santa Barbara, Calif., and take a look at the tough decisions that death forces people to make about money.

Deciding between a credit union and bank

The consumer website Bankrate released its 2013 survey of credit unions. And it shows that credit unions have stepped up their game.
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Don't fall prey to the 'foreign lottery' scam

Older Americans are being targeted by con artists abroad. The victims are told they are winners of a "foreign lottery" and that they only have to pay taxes and fees to claim their jackpots. But, the scam is costing people more than money.
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Understanding the high cost of saying goodbye

Ten percent of all health care dollars are spent in the last year of life. Those final days are when the toughest, most costly decisions are made, and emotion can easily overrun decision making. Here's one man's story about the choices he made.
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Why aging boomers are more prone to scams

It seems like con artists are dreaming up new scams every week -- and often seniors fall prey to the trickery. But why?
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I heart New Jersey... despite its high property taxes

Commentator Jen Miller could up and leave the Garden State with its high taxes. But is the grass -- and the tax savings -- really any greener someplace else?
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Not planning for the future? Perhaps you are in 'present shock'

Author Douglas Rushkoff explores the ways technology and business culture have evolved so as to keep consumers "present-minded" in his latest book, "Present Shock: When Everything Happens Now."
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Thinking ahead... way ahead: Millennials talk retirement

Older Americans staring at retirement in the face are finding it hard to save. So how does the millennial generation -- which faces a struggling economy and high student debt -- feel about life after work?
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Santa Barbara: More than a playground for the rich and famous

Santa Barbara is known for its beautiful, expansive homes. But the city's reputation doesn't tell the whole story of its housing market.
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Letters: Credit card firms reject me because I'm a stay-at-home parent

Personal finance journalist and author Carmen Wong Ulrich answers listeners' questions about building credit history as a stay-at-home parent, whether buying life insurance at a young age is a good idea and where to invest a $10,000 graduation gift.
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