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Believe it or not, but going to the gym could help with your finances. “People who start exercising, also use their credit cards less,” says author Charles Duhigg. We'll learn about the power of habit and how it can make us better savers. Most of us are habituated to cash, but have you ever tried living without it? The pros and cons of going cashless. Also, advice on how to find the right financial adviser, reviewing the lessons of Greg Smith’s Goldman Sachs op-ed bomb, and Dr. Goose brings us your tax-themed limericks.

The money illusion

Professor Stephen J. Rose says it's not about how much things cost, but how much they cost relatively.
Posted In: GDP, consumer prices, spending, inflation

Finding a good financial adviser

CBS MoneyWatch’s Jill Schlesinger on the right questions to ask before handing your financial future over to a pro.
Posted In: jill schlesinger, financial advisor

Sweating out bad spending habits

Author Charles Duhigg suggests our bad financial habits may be changed by sweating more.
Posted In: exercise, spending, habits, Credit Cards

Living a cashless life

Almost everyone takes plastic these days, but it’s not like pot dealers take cards... or do they?
Posted In: Credit card, cashless, cash, stevenson, gift cards

The effort to keep the small town doctor around

As more and more people move to urban areas, how do you keep doctors down on the farm?
Posted In: doctor, medicine, rural America

Piggy for a young saver

Ten-year-old Richard Chapel mowed lawns for a whole summer for a new basketball hoop.
Posted In: piggy bank award, saving money

Your tax limericks

Readers from around the U.S. sent us their opinions of taxation in limerick form.
Posted In: limericks, Ireland, st. patrick's day, Taxes, dr. goose

The price of happiness in the workplace

Commentator Teresa Amabile on the misconceived correlation between paychecks and joy.
Posted In: paycheck, happiness, raise, amabile, bonuses

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