Marketplace Money for Friday, June 3, 2011

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Marketplace Money for Friday, June 3, 2011

Job searching in a social media age

Job seekers these days can look to a number of social media tools to help find the right connections and be more selective in their search.

Beware the fees on new unemployment pre-paid debit cards

States have moved to replace unemployment checks with pre-paid debit cards, but workers should beware of extra fees and rules that vary from state to state.
Posted In: Jobs

Talking to your parents about their money

It's hard to talk to people about how they manage their money, especially your own parents. Learn some tips on how to start talking to aging parents about their finances and what information you should get from them.
Posted In: Retirement

The psychology behind the price tag

Ever wonder why some store's prices may end in a nine, eight or zero? Author William Poundstone talks about how those numbers influence what you buy.

Egyptians in U.S. struggling to send money home

For many immigrants, it's an obligation to send money back to their families. But many Egyptians in the U.S. are suffering from the recession and are sending less or no money back to their families in Egypt.

Getting Personal: Helping a friend out, starting a business

Scott Chiotakis and Marketplace's economics editor Chris Farrell answer your personal finance questions.
Posted In: Personal Finance

Another chance at school and employment

A few months ago, Cecilia Marquez took a risk and left school to take on a full-time job. We check in with her to see what's happened since.
Posted In: Jobs

What's in your wallet, Joseph Ballet?

A Louisiana transplant in Alabama talks about why he carries a pistol permit in his wallet.

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