Marketplace Money for Friday, June 29, 2007

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Marketplace Money for Friday, June 29, 2007

Straight Story: Financial literacy education

Economics editor Chris Farrell says financial literacy education is a good tool for reducing predatory lending.

How to snag a billionaire

Love's just so much better when you can elope with your husband or wife on a yacht (or several). But don't settle for a millionaire, think big! Tess Vigeland finds out how to marry really, really rich from Money Magazine's Marlys Harris.

Are you sure you deleted that e-mail?

You may think you've trashed all those "classified" files, but your computer is really just one big copying machine. So before you sell off an old computer, make sure your personal data is really gone.
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Mailbag for Friday, June 29, 2007

This week, economics editor Chris Farrell offers us advice on getting out of a timeshare and participating in a debt-managing program.

Day in the Work Life: Immigration lawyer

Congress turned down an immigration reform bill yet again. While the debate rages on, some newcomers continue their journey into citizenship with a little help.
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Summer school: Federal funds rate

It may be summer, but school's still in session over here. This week, Greg McBride of teaches us all we need to know about the federal funds rate - and why it affects us.
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The changing face of investor lawsuits

A recent Supreme Court case said an investor's lawsuit could only go forward if there was compelling evidence of the company's intent to rip them off. Tess Vigeland talks to Berkeley law professor Eric Talley about what this could mean for investors.
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Finance 101 for the Latino community

Growing up in the U.S., you may feel more at ease using cash machines and online banking. But for many adult Latino immigrants, learning how to use these financial tools can be complicated. So parents are getting a little help from their kids.

The joys of a paid sabbatical

It may be rare, but there are companies in the U.S. that offer their employees extended time off with pay. If you don't get a sabbatical, why not ask for one? Jeff Tyler explores how.

Buzzword: Russell 2000

It's not the title of a summer blockbuster, but it could be coming to a stock market near you.
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