Marketplace Money for Friday, June 28, 2013

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What was your last fight over money about? This weekend, the gloves come off: we're tackling your financial feuds! In round 1: A fight over wasting too much energy. In round 2: fighting about food costs. And in round 3: arguing over whether your spouse should go back to work. We have some helpful advice for all these fights. But what do you do when you can't resolve your financial disputes? You might have to head to court. Listen to find out ways you can succeed in small claims cases.  Speaking of court, we look at what the Supreme Court's decision to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act means for your personal finances.

You say spend, they say save. Who's right? Play Financial Feud to find out.

Be the judge in our personal finance court of opinion. Or submit your own argument and let a jury of Marketplace Money peers decide the case.
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5 tips to succeed in small claims court

Small claims court is a system designed to help people resolve their disputes over money. Here's what you should know to win your case.
Posted In: courts, small claims court, legal

Big changes coming for gay couples' personal finances

The Supreme Court's landmark rulings on same-sex marriage this week mean gay couples have new legal territory to consider when it comes to merging their financial lives.
Posted In: gay marriage, gay rights

Financial Feud: Paying for daycare vs. Quitting to care for a kid

Kyle wants to quit her job so she can stay home with her daughter and stop paying for daycare. Her husband says they need her paycheck to pay the bills. Whose side are you on?
Posted In: childcare, healthcare

Financial Feud: Energy costs vs. Amenities

John and his partner have gotten competitive over energy costs. His partner wants him to cut back his consumption. John's unwilling to give up basic amenities -- like using warm water to rinse the dishes. Whose side are you on?
Posted In: energy bills, Personal Finance

Financial Feud: Roommates share food vs. Eat alone

Marketplace Money listener Qian is in a fight with his roommates. He wants to save money by sharing food and splitting costs. They want to buy their own groceries. Who's right? Hear from our experts.
Posted In: food costs

Finding the perfect money match online

Can websites like eHarmony really help form the perfect union -- even when it comes to money?
Posted In: online dating

The power of PIN: Become a Marketplace Money source

Join the Public Insight Network and help us put the "personal" in personal finance.
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