Marketplace Money for Friday, June 11, 2010

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Each week on Marketplace Money, host Tess Vigeland looks at the week's major national and international stories that will impact the average listener's wallet.

Home ownership isn't what it used to be

Reporter Curt Nickisch talks to one New Hampshire family who doesn't necessarily think home ownership has led them to the American Dream.
Posted In: Housing, Savings

Colleges hitting up alums early

College fundraisers are upping their game and asking alums -- and sometimes even freshmen -- to donate, especially because college endowments took a huge hit from the Great Recession.
Posted In: Charity, Education

In or out? Where to put your money now

Tess Vigeland talks to three money managers for advice on what to do with your money in this time of economic uncertainty.
Posted In: Investing, Retirement, Savings

Pay before you eat

Chef Grant Achatz of Alinea restaurant in Chicago and Nick Kokonas, Achatz's business partner, talk about their next restaurant, Next, and their new take on paying your bill.
Posted In: Food

The cost of hidden fees

Host Tess Vigeland talks to MSNBC report Bob Sullivan, who road-tripped across the country, talking to normal folks about their thoughts on all the hidden fees attached to daily purchases and financial accounts.

Choices: Too little, too much, just right

Host Tess Vigeland talks to consumer psychologist Frank Murtha about how we choose and how too little or too much choice affects our purchases.
Posted In: Retail

Searching for a real job on Craigslist

Richard Conniff goes to Craigslist to see if he can find the perfect job that'll maximize his potential.
Posted In: Jobs

Getting Personal

Host Tess Vigeland and Kathy Kristof of CBS MoneyWatch take your questions on retirement -- like, how can a surfer in New Zealand save for her eventual American retirement? And is it crazy to borrow from retirement to buy a house?
Posted In: Housing, Investing, Retirement

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