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In a country crafted from dreams, can someone with their head in the clouds succeed? We talk to a man who turned down millions for his land in order to start his own resort. Plus, here's something for those of you who dream of swimming in money -- literally, you dream about swimming in money. You and Scrooge McDuck. We talk to a dream reader about the financial dreams you have while you snooze. And in chasing a dream, you have to pay attention to what's happening with loved ones on the sidelines.

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Investors beware: IPOs are a big boy's game

In the wake of Facebook's IPO, senior business correspondent Bob Moon explains why individual investors are at a sharp disadvantage.
Posted In: Facebook, IPO, stock, Investing, bob moon

Breaking a buck

Money market mutual funds are just as vulnerable to the temperaments of Wall Street.
Posted In: Commentaries, Chris Farrell, money market mutual funds

Latest airline fee: $35 per carry-on?

Ahead of the summer travel season, some airlines are charging for carry-on bags. Industry expert David Parker Brown is defending the new fee.
Posted In: air travel, fees, carry-ons, Airlines, Spirit Airlines

Letters: Real estate entaglements with family members

Tess is joined by senior producer Paddy Hirsch and credit expert Liz Weston to talk about credit utilization, bankruptcy amongst seniors, and the down side of buying real estate for your kids.
Posted In: liz weston, bankruptcy, family finances, real estate, kids and investing, letters, credit scoreCh

50 million Americans living in poverty

Sixteen percent of the U.S. population lives at or below the poverty line. Author Peter Edelman thinks that's unacceptable.
Posted In: peter edelman, poverty, Wealth and Poverty, upward mobility

Ski slope dreams

Former ski bum Troy Caldwell has been following his dream of opening his own ski resort for years... at any cost.
Posted In: entrepreneurs, skiing, dream

Chasing dreamers: Life with an entrepreneur

While Meg Hirshberg's husband Gary chased his dream, she made the kind of sacrifices necessary to succeed.
Posted In: Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurship, sacrifice

To sleep, perchance to dream... about money

Psychologist Michael Lennox discusses the meaning of money in your dreams.
Posted In: dreams, psychology, Personal Finance

How to get a job, in charts and graphs

This week's Marketplace Money Piggy Award goes to a consultant who presented the interview process in witty, pithy infographics.
Posted In: piggy bank award, employment, job

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