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Are you a hard worker? Because there are some people out there who think you're lazy. This is a global economy, step it up! But there are a lot of people out there who work plenty hard. So what are you supposed to do? Today, we've got a passion for hard work: Where it comes from, where it went and what you can do about it.

The daily grind

Workers of all types talk about the challenges of doing their jobs successfully.
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Teaching a hard-work ethic

Some people are born to be hard workers. For the rest of us, don't worry -- a good work ethic can be learned.
Posted In: work ethic, psychology, kids, parenting, hard work

Plenty of jobs, lazy Americans just don't want them

According to Fox Business reporter John Stossel, businesses are hiring, Americans just don't want "those kind of jobs."
Posted In: Jobs, hiring, work ethic, john stossel

Finding the motivation to work harder

Can't find the drive to work harder? Motivational speaker Eric Chester has some tips on how to get re-energized about our jobs.
Posted In: work ethic, employment, Jobs

Where did the American work ethic come from?

Until the Protestant Reformation, work was considered a four-letter word, then everything changed. Historian Roger Hill discusses how work became a source of American pride.
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The 401(k) system doesn't work

Many Americans are unprepared for retirement -- and an economics professor believes government intervention is necessary to create a viable retirement system.
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Are Americans overworked?

Europeans get a minimum of three weeks of paid vacation, but many Americans get none. While Americans may work more, it doesn't necessarily mean they're being more productive.
Posted In: employment, stress, productivity, vacation, Europeans

What is hard work?

Hard work is what made the United States, but there's now concern Americans aren't working hard enough.
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