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More than 30 credit reporting companies have access to and track your financial information. Who tracks them? Up 'til now... nobody. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is on the scene and we'll hear from its director Richard Cordray. Making an Olympic team takes more than talent and athleticism; it's also an investment. The financial sacrifice of going for the Gold. Plus, the dollar bill grows wings and takes flight.

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Why are people attacking lemonade stands?

One parent wonders why many adults disapprove of where her son is putting his hard-earned lemonade stand money towards.
Posted In: Entrepreneurship, Small Business, Kids and money

Redefining 'billfold'

A Los Angeles origami exhibit features an installation made completely out of sheets of uncut U.S. dollar bills.
Posted In: origami, dollar bill, currency, art

Downsizing a life

Sifting through years of stuff is one of the most difficult parts of moving. A new start-up will empty your house of all its clutter for a minor fee.
Posted In: moving, downsize, donations

Marketing Olympians

There's glory in the winning gold, but possibly even better is for an athlete to land a well-paying sponsorship in the years leading up to and after the Olympics. But gold doesn't always mean green for athletes.
Posted In: London Olympics, business of sports, sponsorship, endorsements

Olympian priorities: Gold or green?

Thirty-five-year-old Olympic high jumper Jamie Nieto talks about struggling in the pursuit of gold.
Posted In: London Olympics, Jamie Nieto, high jump, Personal Finance, sponsorship, spending

Bark or bite: Credit reporting agencies get watchdog

Around 40 percent of credit reports have mistakes on them -- and it is a pain to get them fixed. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau announced that it will start scrutinizing credit reporting agencies.
Posted In: Richard Cordray, credit report, credit score, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Germans and their frugal, saving ways

Many European economies are begging for Germany to share its wealth with them. Where did the German culture of frugality come from?
Posted In: Germany, frugality, Saving

Father knows best

Piggy will be headed to paradise, to the home of one listener who took the financially sound advice of a TV dad.
Posted In: Savings, dad, parents, advice

Americans getting risky with their 401(k)s

Americans are trying to recoup losses from the recession by gambling with their retirement accounts.
Posted In: Retirement, 401(k)

To convert to gas or electric?

A faster-cooking kitchen range is the incentive for one family to switch to natural gas. But if you hope to save money, that's just the start.
Posted In: sustainability, electricity, gas, appliances

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