Marketplace Money for Friday, July 19, 2013

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This month, we're devoting Marketplace Money to the basics — topics like banking, investing, and credit. Saving is probably the most simple concept in personal finance. There's no algorithm. No elaborate jargon. Just take a portion of what you earn and put it aside. But that's the finance part of it. The personal is where we run into trouble. This week, how we save, strategies on savings and more. Plus, we take a global tour from Beijing to Brazil to Britain and back home to see how different cultures approach saving cash. And, how did the piggy bank become the icon of saving?

Five savings tips

Need some quick savings tips? Below are a list of five from our experts this weekend.
Posted In: tips, Savings, financial advice

Your questions on savings answered

Emergency funds, retirement accounts and answering your other questions on savings.
Posted In: Savings, reader questions

Trick yourself into becoming a better saver

Most Americans don't save enough money to get them out of an emergency or support them in old-age. Why is saving money so difficult for most of us?
Posted In: Savings, financial advice, psychology of money

Looking at savings around the world (map)

People in the U.S save around 3 percent of their income. How does that compare to the rest of the world?
Posted In: Savings, health insurance, history, world

Encouraging new ways to save

Cities and other organizations are looking for new ways to encourage people to save for the future.
Posted In: emergency savings, financial education, non-profit, games

Money mysteries solved

Explaining some terms, phrases and concepts about money you might hear everyday, but not fully understand.
Posted In: money mysteries, explainer, FDIC, piggy banks

A few books to dive into this summer

Need a book with an economic theme this summer? Here's a few choices.
Posted In: summer reading, Books, finance books

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