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Today we're going talk oldies-but-goodies, seniors. Yup, mom and dad, that's you. You and a whole lot of other people. As baby-boomers grow up, the number of seniors in this country is ballooning. On this weekend's show we'll talk about the financial hurdles of being grandma and grandpa. Why helping out too much could put retirement at risk. Plus, one family's journey to assisted living.

The move to assisted living: Navigating the fine line between money and emotions

Learn about the challenges families face when trying to place a parent into an assisted-living facility.
Posted In: parents, seniors, Assisted living, spending

The economics of 'having it all'

Some women feel the pressure to have both a successful career and home life. But one mom applies her economist smarts to prove that having it all may actually be unsatisfying.
Posted In: women, career, family

The cost of taking care of mom and dad

For many seniors, they reach a point where they can't do it all and they need a little to a lot of help. The cost of the assistance often falls to the children.
Posted In: Assisted living, elderly care, senior citizens, families

Grandma and grandpa's financial words of widsom

Listeners share good money advice they got from their grandparents.
Posted In: grandparents, financial advice

Finding new work difficult for older workers

Finding a new job in this economy is hard for everyone, particularly for those above 55. It takes more effort, sacrifice and a little bit of creativity.
Posted In: employment, Unemployment, Jobs, seniors, older workers

Lessons from the Great Depression, one meal at a time

At nearly 100, YouTube phenomenon Clara Cannucciari has been inspiring viewers with her "poor man's meals."
Posted In: Food, great depression, eating, frugality

The 'Club Sandwich' generation

Not only are many American Baby Boomers supporting both their parents and their kids, but some are even paying for their grand kids as well.
Posted In: sandwich generation, kids, grandparents, financial support

Letters: An estate planning primer

This week's letter segments tackles questions for the senior set.
Posted In: letters, Estate planning, death, 401(k), Savings

Why scammers like seniors

Seniors are a prime target for scams, because they are less likely to report a scam. Learn why seniors are afraid to report fraud cases and how to avoid getting hoodwinked.
Posted In: fraud, Crime, senior citizen

Drinking and divorce among the baby boomers

More long-term marriages are breaking up and a wine habit may benefit older women's bones.
Posted In: senior citizen, drinking, osteoporosis, Health, aging, divorce

To my dissatisfied daughter

A frustrated mother sends her teenager daughter a letter, explaining how she and her father are still trying to provide for the family while they are both unemployed.
Posted In: Unemployment, parents, kids, Jobs

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