Marketplace Money for Friday, July 1, 2011

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Marketplace Money for Friday, July 1, 2011

It's not just Big Brother watching

It's Little Brother too: That girl sitting across from you in a cafe with free Wi-Fi or even the guy who just brushed past you on the sidewalk can hack into your laptop or smart phone. The proliferation of easy hacking programs and spy gadgets make it easier than ever for someone to break into your online accounts.

The case of the disappearing menu prices

First, it was simply the dollar signs. Then the numbers. And sometimes, prices disappear entirely on some restaurant menus. Reporter Ashley Milne-Tyte looks at why restaurants are making it more difficult to figure out prices.

'The Real Story of What Happens to America'

Comedian Albert Brooks' outlook for 2030 is a little bleak -- Social Security and Medicare are shot, the youth are tired of shouldering the burden of baby boomers. But hey, at least cancer is cured! But even that comes with negative consequences.
Posted In: Health

Getting Personal: Saving for retirement, recovering from a bankruptcy

Marketplace Money host Tess Vigeland and MSN personal finance columnist Liz Weston answer listener questions.
Posted In: Personal Finance

Like: No "dislike" button on Facebook

Commentator Rob Walker talks about why adding a "dislike" button to Facebook is the opposite of what Facebook is all about.

The ups and downs of pretend investing

Feeling a little wary about diving into Wall Street? An entrepreneur merged social media and stock indexes to create a fantasy investing world, where you can invest without losing any real dollars but potentially win some greenbacks too.
Posted In: Investing

When did you feel financially independent?

For some, it's their first big purchase with their own money. Others, it's paying rent for the first time. People shared with us when they first felt financially independent.
Posted In: Personal Finance

What's in your wallet, Candice Dalessandro?

One Alabama resident's wallet is filled with mementos from past and current jobs she's had.

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