Marketplace Money for Friday, January 6, 2012

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Welcome to the new year! Lose 20 pounds, keep your kitchen clean, cure cancer -- Is starting an emergency fund among your New Year's resolutions? We learn of an unusual way to make sure you actually start saving. And if you're planning to start investing this year, you may want to "riskalyze" first. A behavior science expert reveals numerical triggers that affect how we buy. Plus, health care reporter Gregory Warner tells us what health reform laws come into effect in 2012.

Piggy Bank Award: Financially planning a windfall

We congratulate a man who decided to squirrel away his Lotto winnings until he finished drafting a sound financial plan for his millions rather than spending it on the high life.
Posted In: Lotto, millionaire, financial planning

Crowd-sourcing solar energy

A Maryland solar company is creating small power plants throughout a neighborhood as a means to pool financial resources and valuable roof space.
Posted In: solar, electricity, sustainability

This week: Health care reform in 2012

Marketplace's health reporter Gregory Warner discusses what parts of the health care reform law will come into effect this year.
Posted In: health care, health care reform law

The psychology of 'price anchoring'

Ever run to the grocery store planning to buy just a gallon of milk, but come out with a cart full of items? A behavior science professor explains the numerical triggers that encourage us to buy more.
Posted In: psychology, spending, advertising

Start a 'Forget You Fund'

Who wants a boring emergency fund when you can have an exciting "Forget You Fund?" OK, they're the same thing, but we learn how changing your mindset may actually help you save for emergencies.
Posted In: Saving, emergency fund

Getting Personal: Retirement

Tess Vigeland is joined by Chris Farrell, Marketplace Money's economics editor, to answer listener questions.
Posted In: Retirement, Savings

'Riskalyze' before you invest

Before you start to invest, we at Marketplace Money always tell you to assess your "risk tolerance." Now there's an algorithm that can help you quantify how much risk you are willing to take on.
Posted In: Investing, risk tolerance

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