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This week many of us are doing a double-take at our post-fiscal cliff paychecks. What the payroll tax hike means for working Americans. Also, more people are bucking the tradition of working a full- time job. Freelancing has become the new normal. We've got some tips and advice for those of you braving the freelancing world. And some brands thrive on exclusivity. But limiting supply doesn't always create a demand.

Robbed on the job: Advice on fighting wage theft

Imagine working and not getting paid for it. It's more common than you might think. Wage theft happens when companies cheat workers out of earned income. Labor advocate Kim Bobo talks about the pervasiveness of this problem and how to fight it.
Posted In: wage theft, low-wage workers, minimum wage, Jobs, labor

Financial commandments from the 'Freelancer's Bible'

Sara Horowitz, founder of the Freelancers Union and author of "The Freelancer's Bible," shares tips and tricks for getting work, getting by and budgeting on an independent contractor's salary.
Posted In: freelance, freelancing

How the tax changes hit your wallet

Americans are already being greeted with smaller paychecks thanks to new tax rates. How taxpayers at different income levels will br affected.
Posted In: fiscal cliff, Taxes

How feelings of deprivation affect consumer behavior

A new study from New York University says the groups of consumers who feel the most deprived are also those most swayed by their emotions.
Posted In: deprivation, scarcity, marketing

Some advice for the 401(k) generation

We work day after day, year after year, to get ready for a future when we hope we won't have to work. But retirement isn't quite as simple as it used to be, says commentator Chris Farrell.
Posted In: Retirement, retirement planning, 401(k)

Brands amp up their Generation X appeal

Generation X is aging into a sweet spot for advertisers. The 35- to 50-year-old crowd is ready to buy cars, homes and other big-ticket items. How will established brands appeal to the notoriously cynical, frugal generation?
Posted In: advertising, generation x, Honda

Letters: My parents won't talk about money with me

How can I get my aging parents to talk openly about their financial situation? Is it a smart move to retire overseas? Are there any downsides to credit cards that help pay down my student loan debt? LA Times consumer columnist answers listeners' letters.
Posted In: letters, Personal Finance

For some, freelance gigs trump full-time jobs

Designers, videographers and other workers in the creative economy are embracing the flexibility of contract work, even though they have to sacrifice stability.
Posted In: freelance, freelancing

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