Marketplace Money for Friday, January 31, 2014

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This weekend on Marketplace Money, host Carmen Wong explores the experience of being out of work and knowing your last unemployment benefits payment is on the way. Marketplace reporter Mitchell Hartman joins her to talk about what you can do to prepare – financially and mentally – for more hard times. Also, are women more reluctant to talk about their accomplishments in the workplace? Guests Jessi Smith, a psychologist at Montana State University, and author Peggy Klaus discuss how gender stereotypes affect the earning potential of women when it comes to tooting their own horns on the job. Plus, we look at who’s chipping in to the big pot of money being gambled on the Super Bowl and science writer Mary Roach talks about how her family influenced her financial habits.

Ask Carmen: Lightning round listicle edition

Questions on wills, retirement, 401ks, capital gains all tackled.
Posted In: lightning round, Personal Finance, advice

Ask Carmen: Leaving a career for love

Some advice to Susi, a 54-year-old professional in Connecticut, who is weighing retiring early to spend more time with her older, already retired fiancée.
Posted In: ask carmen, marriage, Personal Finance, advice

Why women don't roar at work

A new study out of Montana State University sheds some light on one reason why women are not treated or compensated as well as men on the job.
Posted In: women in management, women, gender

Mayday: What to do when the checks stop coming in

Some helpful advice for first steps when your monthly income slows.
Posted In: long-term unemployment

Super Bowl point spreads: Seahawks, Broncos, and Gatorade

You could look to social psychology to examine why the Super Bowl brings out the inner gambler in so many.
Posted In: gambling, point spreads, Superbowl

'myRA' retirement plans, explained

'myRA' is a new, government-backed retirement plan designed for low-income workers, who don’t have IRAs or 401Ks.
Posted In: retirement savings plans, Retirement, State of the Union, myRA

Family finance lessons: author Mary Roach

Non-fiction author Mary Roach talks about learning about money by example from her parents.
Posted In: family advice

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