Marketplace Money for Friday, January 28, 2011

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Marketplace Money for Friday, January 28, 2011

German companies shift conditions for older workers

Germany raised its retirement age by two years to 67. Now companies and employees are discovering the unexpected consequences.
Posted In: Retirement

High-tech auto gadgets could help enforce safer driving

Cars are getting equipped with technology that are aimed at changing bad driving habits. It may also help to save some cash, too.
Posted In: Auto

How to pay down that holiday debt

It's that time of year -- to try and pay off the debt you piled up during the holidays. Here's a tip on how to get started.
Posted In: Credit Cards, Personal Finance

The differences between broker and investment advisor

Sometimes it's not exactly clear what the difference is between an investment advisor and a broker. The Securities and Exchange Commission is trying to remedy that.
Posted In: Investing, Personal Finance

What to do -- and write -- if you have a customer service complaint

Columnist Timothy Noah held a complaint letter-writing contest on Slate. He talks with Tess Vigeland about where to go if you have a complaint. And the contest's winner, Keith Bertrand, weighs in on what he wrote in his letter to get a response.

A mortgage modification mess

Neil Barofsky, special inspector general for TARP, said the government's mortgage modification program has been "abysmal." Karin Andreen has been through the modification process and talks with Tess Vigeland about her horror story.
Posted In: Housing

Getting Personal: Funding education, a mortgage

Tess Vigeland and MoneyWatch's Kathy Kristoff talk about why Twitter isn't good for investing advice and answer your questions about non-loan options to pay for college, paying down student debt and whether you can have too much money to qualify for a loan.
Posted In: Education, Housing, Personal Finance

What's in your wallet, Ben Willman?

Ben Willman tells us why he doesn't have a typical "man wallet" and what he carries in it.

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