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Housing is making its way back into the headlines, and most of the news is good. We take a look at whether the real estate market is making a comeback. And boy does guest host David Lazarus have a story for you! It starts with a cat bite and ends with a $55,000 hospital bill. We've got a medical bill explainer. Plus, teaching your kids to be financially independent starts with good manners. And stories on the retireless and technological changes to your church's collection plate.

Is the real estate market really recovering?

The latest housing market numbers seem to show that home buying has bounced back, thanks to record low interest rates. But experts like Glenn Kelman, CEO of Redfin, say not so fast when it comes to buying a home.
Posted In: Housing, real estate

$53,000 for a cat bite? You gotta be 'kitten' me!

Guest host David Lazarus grills the head of the hospital where he was recently treated for a cat bite to the tune of $53,000.
Posted In: health care

Mind your money manners: Financial etiquette rules

Is it ever appropriate to ask someone how much money they make? How much they paid for something? Who is supposed to pay for dinner? Is it polite to remind someone that they owe you money? Personal finance columnist Liz Weston schools us on common financial faux pas.
Posted In: etiquette, Personal Finance

The 'Retireless' -- Over 75, and still working

The number of people 75 and older still working has grown over the last two decades -- some from need, but many because they want to.
Posted In: Retirement, elderly

No cash when the collection plate arrives? No problem

More churches are adopting devices that allow cashless worshipers to donate digitally.
Posted In: church, philanthropy, giving

It still pays to own a home

Many young people say they have no interest in ever owning a home. So these days, more and more people are renting. But commentator Chris Farrell says buying is still a better option for all concerned.
Posted In: Housing, rent, rent vs. buy, buying a home

Oakland landlords pay it forward

One of the reasons prices are going up in many U.S. neighborhoods is because investors are buying houses, sprucing them up and then renting them out. Landlords like these don't have a great image. But in Oakland, Calif., they can be an enormous force for change and good.
Posted In: Housing, landlord

Letters: How to negotiate a short sale

Glenn Kelman, CEO of real estate website Redfin, answers listeners questions about short sales, home renovations and what to do when your family outgrows its house.
Posted In: Getting Personal, letters

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