Marketplace Money for Friday, January 20, 2012

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"Stop eating out." "Don't buy that $3 latte." You tired of hearing those phrases, yet? Author Ramit Sethi gives us his take on frugality, and explores different ways to improve the big picture. For employees of some companies, that big picture would improve with the shedding of extra pounds -- which can translate into extra cash. Paying for a lighter workforce. Plus, a judge from ABC's "Shark Tank" tells us why sniffing out talent is about more than creative ideas and solid business plans.

Week in review: Food stamp use on the rise

Is Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich justified in calling President Obama the "Food Stamp President?"
Posted In: food stamps, 2012 election, poverty, Barack Obama

Don't sweat your daily latte

Author Ramit Sethi discusses why fretting about small expenditures is a waste of time and energy. And why it's better to concentrate your energies elsewhere.
Posted In: frugality, spending, latte, Money, budget

The saving dilemma

Commentator Felix Click describes how tough it can be to enjoy your money when you're used to scrimping and saving.
Posted In: Saving, frugality, Money, budget, spending

Patience scores!

Columbia Business School's Stephan Meier discusses his new study, which says that the more patient you are, the better your credit score is likely to be.
Posted In: credit score, FICO, Savings, Money, patience

Financial advice with teeth

The new season of the entrepreneurship reality TV show "Shark Tank" debuts this weekend. Tess speaks with the only female host of the show about how she made her millions.
Posted In: Entrepreneurship, venture capital, women, NBC, shark tank

Scaling back on weight

Fitter employees are more productive and less expensive. Which is why companies are working on innovative ways to help their people lose weight.
Posted In: weight, fitness, Money, Savings, corporate

For saving for her own future

This week's piggy is going to a mother who spent her money to keep her daughter happy.
Posted In: children, Savings, Retirement

Getting Personal: Timeshare terrors

Tess and personal finance expert Liz Weston of MSN talk to listeners about their personal finance questions.
Posted In: timeshares, adoption, credit, Education

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