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Got a question about the flu? We've got answers -- debunking your flu myths. Plus, a timeline of some of the worst flu pandemics in history. And if you're in the market to buy a used car, we have some advice to make sure you don't get stuck with a flood-damaged lemon. We also look at health technology, the costs of quinceaneras, how looming budget cuts in D.C. are reverberating across the classes, and the presidential inauguration.

Sandy-flooded cars: Buyer beware

Many cars that were flooded by Hurricane Sandy are back on the market. Experts offer tips for how to sniff out a fishy used car.
Posted In: Hurricane Sandy, auto industry, flood, car

Socially-responsible investing websites: A list

Are you interested in socially responsible investing? Here's a list of websites to help.
Posted In: Investing, socially reponsible investing

How to avoid the flu

Flu season is in full swing. Some people take the flu shot, some take time off when they feel under the weather and some still report to work no matter how bad they feel. Dr. Russell Greenfield answers questions about seasonal sickness and debunks some common myths about the flu shot.
Posted In: flu, health care

I don't want to invest in oil and tobacco companies: Advice

Can you be a socially responsible investor and still get good returns on your investments? When do you know it's time to file for bankruptcy? If your retirement account provider starts charging little fees, is it time to shop around? L.A. Times consumer columnist David Lazarus helps listeners with these personal finance questions.
Posted In: Personal Finance, socially reponsible investing

Government job cuts hurt wealthy, middle class and poor

Wealthy, poor and in-between residents tell us how shrinking government would affect their personal finances
Posted In: budget cuts, budget, Washington D.C.

Baby Boomers compete for bucket list victories

Commentator Judy Muller takes a look at the economics of creating a bucket list for the baby boomer generation.
Posted In: baby boomers, Senior moment, senior citizens

Quinceaneras: A cherished, but costly, tradition

Many Latino families spend thousands of dollars to celebrate their daughters' "coming of age" on their 15th birthday.
Posted In: quinceanera, Hispanics, Latino community

Diet plans go high tech

High-tech home health care devices is a huge market right now. What are the latest gadgets and devices you should be aware of?
Posted In: Tech, wifi, devices, health care

Born on Inauguration Day: Why it's special

Reflecting on what it's like to be born on Inauguration Day, and how America has changed over time.
Posted In: inauguration

D.C. residents: You know you're wealthy when...

How do you define wealth? Chime in and let us know how you would finish this sentence: "You know you're wealthy when..."
Posted In: wealth, You know you're wealthy when

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