Marketplace Money for Friday, January 13, 2011

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The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has a new chief. His job is to help protect you from bad financial products. But he also wants you to protect yourself. Richard Cordray discusses his top priorities for the CFPB. Plus, Suze Orman's got a new TV show and a controversial new prepaid debit card. She explains why she launched the card and what legacy she hopes to leave before she retires. We take a look at the truth behind 2011's retail numbers. And what if the economy just got one big do-over? A proposal for stemming the tide of red ink.

Cordray's plans for the CFPB

Richard Cordray, chief of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, discusses what powers he'll have and how he plans to use them.
Posted In: CFPB, Personal Finance, debt, mortgage, Richard Cordray

Suze debuts new show, new card

Financial adviser Suze Orman rolled out a new TV show and debit card this week. She discusses the controversial new card and why it could be her swan song.
Posted In: debt, debit card, Suze Orman, credit score

How's about a do-over on all that debt?

Comedian Tim Bedore likes the concept of debt forgiveness. And he has some ideas about how to make us swallow it.
Posted In: debt forgiveness

Getting Personal: Underwater - should you swim away?

L.A. Times consumer columnist David Lazarus joins Tess to answer questions about debt mediation services and how to cope with the bank when your home is underwater.
Posted In: identity theft, debt, mortgage solicitation, underwater mortgage

JPMorgan Chase slows debt collection

The American Banker says that JPMorgan Chase appears to be backing off efforts to collect unpaid credit card debt from its customers. They're not forgiving the debt, but they've quietly stopped going after it.
Posted In: debt, debt collection, Credit Cards

Week in review: Consumers are spending again!

The numbers are in and -- economic downturn or not -- 2011 was the best retail sales year ever! So what's behind that surprising data?
Posted In: consumer spending

End of a long, dry spell

This week's Marketplace Piggy is headed to Livingston, Mont., where James Willish, 35, is working again after 44 months of unemployment.
Posted In: Unemployment, Jobs, Savings

Letters: Saving as much as you can

Tess Vigeland and senior producer Paddy Hirsch go through the Marketplace Money mailbag.
Posted In: letters, Saving, Retirement, emergency fund

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