Marketplace Money for Friday, February 4, 2011

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Marketplace Money for Friday, February 4, 2011

The power of a thank you note

It may seem old fashioned, but a showing of gratitude can go a long way for businesses.
Posted In: Small Business

In search of a new cell phone

When it's time to buy a new cell phone, consumers are faced with a plethora of options, from hip to normal, fancy apps to dropped calls.

What's in your wallet, Sandy Seibel?

Sandy Seibel shares with us what's in her wallet as she goes shopping at a farmer's market in downtown Oaktown.

The psychology of why we hide purchases from our spouses

A recent study reveals that 80 percent of married couples hide purchases from each other. But why?
Posted In: Personal Finance

Letters: Mortgage messes, advice from Twitter

Tess Vigeland and producer Devin Robins goes over listener responses to last week's stories.

Some parents still struggle with acquiring insurance for children

Children with preexisting conditions can no longer be denied insurance by providers, but the bill may still be high for parents.
Posted In: Health

Square footage still trumps eco-friendliness

Rising energy costs made home buyers more interested in energy efficient homes, without giving up square feet. Adam Allington reports from St. Louis, Mo.
Posted In: Housing

Turning your smartphone into a digital wallet

For some people, carrying a wallet can be a hassle. So how far away are we from digital wallets? Steve Henn has the story, and talks with Tess Vigeland about the intriguing things phones can do nowadays.

Getting Personal: Your net worth, money management 101

Tess Vigeland and MSN personal finance columnist Liz Weston answer your questions about determining your personal net worth, how to teach someone money management and whether a 529 plan is too risky or conservative.
Posted In: Personal Finance, Retirement, Savings

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