Marketplace Money for Friday, February 3, 2012

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The Facebook IPO. Yes, yes, we've heard plenty about what it means for investors. But how might the public offering affect the rest of us? We look at the ins and outs of a social network on Wall Street. Helping out elders in your family can be a trying task. There are warning signs that loved ones might not be able to handle their finances on their own. We'll look at how to cope with the financial challenges of an aging population. And in a world where women are constantly told to reach for all of the stars, well, you might end up with a bunch of mediocrity instead. We chat with Mrs. Moneypenny about what it means to have it all. Plus, we break down the latest job numbers.

For Egypt’s young people, jobs are few

One year after the Egyptian revolution, the country's youth have free speech -- but still face massive unemployment levels.
Posted In: Egypt, youth, Education, Jobs, employment, Unemployment, Tahrir Square, Arab Spring

An open (Face)book

Facebook announced this week that it'll open its books and sell its shares to the public. What does this mean for Facebook's 800 million users?
Posted In: Facebook, social media, privacy, advertising

Getting Personal: To move or not to move

Tess Vigeland and economics editor Chris Farrell discuss the possibility of more transparency on 401(k) fees. Plus, callers ask questions about supporting retired parents and the pros and cons of uprooting a family for a new job.
Posted In: home, Retirement, Money, Mexico, underwater, House

Stepping up and stepping in for an aging parent

People coping with elderly parents in failing health face tough decisions. But there are warning signs indicating when loved ones should step in.
Posted In: elderly, alzheimers, financial, home, Retirement, dementia, warning signs

Ladies, you can't have it all

Financial Times columnist Mrs. Moneypenny discusses the realities of life as a working woman.
Posted In: women, workplace, leadership, children, life, balance, glass ceiling, ambition

A woman's way into entrepreneurship

Most entrepreneurs in the U.S. are male, but more and more women are starting businesses. Meet two women who've taken very different paths to entrepreneurship and growth.
Posted In: Entrepreneurship, female, women, business, startup, employment

Three-year low in unemployment

The latest job numbers exceeded economists' expectations, but before you get too excited about a recovery, an economist breaks down the numbers for us.
Posted In: employment, Unemployment, Jobs

You can get your dream job in this economy

Many college grads feel betrayed when they can't find a job commensurate with their education. But Ramit Sethi of "I Will Teach You To Be Rich" says that it is possible to get your dream job -- if you're willing to work for it.
Posted In: Jobs, employment, Economy, Unemployment, college, Education

For starting a 'What happens next?' Fund

This week's winner thought ahead and created an emergency fund for her and her husband.
Posted In: emergency fund, Saving

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