Marketplace Money for Friday, February 24, 2012

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The Occupy Wall Street movement called attention to the widening wealth gap. And one of the big questions is whether that mythical American rags to riches story is becoming obsolete. We'll try to define what it means to be rich and poor in this country. And we all need to take some responsibility for our own lack of savings, but these days, the government isn't making it any easier. Plus, we have a plea for bringing back the savings bond. And putting money away for retirement is a lot like exercising.

Pain at the pump

Washington bureau chief John Dimsdale discusses how rising gas prices are hurting consumers, enough to get the president's attention.
Posted In: gas prices, family budget, President Obama

Credit card attack!

So much for the end of crazy credit card solicitations -- card companies have become more aggressive than ever. We look at which solicitation techniques work and why.
Posted In: Credit Cards, solicitation, card companies, loans, debt

Save our savings

Marketplace economics editor Chris Farrell says it's all very well telling us to save, but where are we supposed to put our money?
Posted In: savings bonds, Postal Service, lending, borrowing, legislation

Introducing the Wealth & Poverty beat

Reporter Mitchell Hartman discusses the need for Marketplace's new Wealth & Poverty desk.
Posted In: wealth, poverty, coverage, reporting, Money, Saving, debt, Inheritance

The $10,000 home

Neighborhoods in Atlanta have been devastated as home prices have fallen. How are residents coping with moving from high on the hog to the other side of the tracks?
Posted In: home, Housing, house prices, Atlanta

The accordion family: When kids move home

The number of adults who are moving back in with their parents is on the rise. Author Katherine Newman discusses how families are affected when the kids move back in.
Posted In: life, home, moving, adult, Jobs, Unemployment

Piggy for a frugal valentine

Our plastic porcine pal heads to Wisconsin this week, to the home of a man who cooked his way to his wife's heart on Valentine's Day.
Posted In: valentine, frugal, cooking, dessert, love

Government must promote savings

Marketplace's economics editor Chris Farrell says government needs to push sound saving, rather than sound borrowing.
Posted In: government, Saving, spending, borrowing

Getting Personal: The perils of private student debt

MSN's Liz Weston discusses tax rebates, student debt and how to negotiate the foreclosure process.
Posted In: loan student debt, Taxes, rebates, exemptions, foreclosure, bankruptcy

Putting your mind to it: The willpower instinct

Whether you want to lose weight or save money, you're gonna need the secret ingredient: willpower. Psychologist Kelly McGonigal discusses the art and science of self control.
Posted In: Saving, debt, pay down, temptation, willpower, will

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