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Is a diamond really forever? We look at what determines the worth of diamonds on the open market and share tips on buying that special jewel... and reselling it if your significant other says no. Plus, how to get the most out of general use gift cards and advice on how to win at online gambling now that Internet casinos are legal in Nevada. Also, why one man says the student loan crisis is a myth, how Cape Coral's real estate market is thriving while the rest of Florida faces a foreclosure crisis, and the controversy over streaming funerals online.

Wait, we don't have a student debt crisis?

This year, for the first time, total outstanding student loans will exceed $1 trillion. That's a crisis, right? The Atlantic argues no.
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Virtual Vegas: The risks and rewards of online gambling

As more states consider legalizing online gambling, test your knowledge with our quiz. Plus, what does it take to win online and what should you watch out for? Our wizard of odds provides insight into gambling in the virtual world.
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7 tips to prevent a gift card nightmare

Gift cards that can be used anywhere are now more popular than cards for specific stores, like Best Buy, Apple or Barnes & Noble. But these general purpose cards come with strings attached for both those who give and receive them.
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Far-flung relatives now watch funerals online

Turns out online funerals aren’t just for celebrities. More and more families across the U.S. are looking at them as a way to cut costs, and include more friends and relatives.
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Your Facebook photo: A window into your soul?

Your online avatar -- that photo or icon that stands for you in the virtual world -- is so much more than an image. Commentator Scott Huler says it's a window into the soul...and that's annoying. Huler lays out his big issues with these few small pixels of modern life.
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Diamonds are not a jewel of an investment

Ever wondered how much you could get for your diamond ring? Not nearly what you paid for it.
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Cape Coral real estate: Florida's housing anomaly

According to RealtyTrac, Florida has the highest rate of foreclosure rate of any state in the U.S. So why is the Florida town of Cape Coral doing so well compared to other cities in the state?
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Letters: What's with all the different hosts on Marketplace Money?

Jill Schlesinger, editor-at-large of CBS Money Watch, answers listeners' personal finance questions including how to create a college savings account for children who aren't yours, what to do when you've maxed out your IRA contributions and how to get the courage to get back into the stock market following the fiscal cliff.
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