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America Saves Week is upon us. So save, save, save, people!!! We'll look at the history behind why we don't, and hear from someone who's sick of doing it. Savers in Greece will likely be losing some of their nest eggs as austerity measures start to kick in. The country hopes a new property tax will get it out of debt, but it's pushing some citizens to the brink. And it takes hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars to get a pampered canine into the Westminster Dog Show. We visit Madison Square Garden and the madness therein. We also look at pet health insurance and how we make the decisions we do about our pet's health.

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In Greece, new property tax sparks anger

The Greek government has introduced a new property tax so that it can increase revenue but many Greeks say it's unfair and unwise.
Posted In: Greek, tax, property tax, Eurozone, European Union

Sick to death of saving

Commentator Zo Webster has been a saver all her life - but recently she's begun to change her tune.
Posted In: Saving, frugality, spending, Banks, Money

Getting Personal: Identity crisis

Tess talks with David Lazarus of the the Los Angeles Times about how to cope with possible identity theft, the tax implications of airmiles and handling your credit profile when collectors come calling.
Posted In: Money, Taxes, identity, theft, ID, IRS, collection agency, debt

Putting a price on your pet's health

The price of looking after your pet is rising as far and fast as the cost of human healthcare. Gregory Warner reports on why we are willing to pay so much for our animals.
Posted In: pets, animals, dogs, cats, healthcare, care, surgery

The hard decision

One of the toughest decisions a pet owner has to make is how and when to end an animal's life. Tess talks with pet owners and a vet about balancing the cost of life and death.
Posted In: pets, dogs, cats, death, euthanasia, sleep, put down, surgery cost

The cost of being 'Best in Show'

New York hosted the Westminster Dog Show this week. Tess talked with dog owners to find out just how much it costs to put your pooch on parade at the most prestigious award show in America.
Posted In: pets, dogs, dog, dog show, westminster, best in show, expense, spending

For five years of love and fiscal responsibility

A marine declares his love for his wife of five years, who along with love diligently sent him burned copies of Marketplace Money every week through two tours of duty.
Posted In: marriage, finances, Savings, Retirement, military

Buddy, why can't we save a dime?

On the advent of America Saves Week, Tess talks with Sheldon Garon, Princeton prof and the author of "Beyond Our Means: Why America Spends While the World Saves."
Posted In: savings America budget banks post office Japan Germany

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