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The Federal Trade Commission says more than a quarter of credit card-carrying Americans have at least one "potentially material error" in their credit report data. Speaking of errors, some con artists are taking advantage of all the vacant homes out there that are caught in limbo. Also, we take a look at the housing market in Las Vegas. Plus, should seniors stop getting discounts? And the art of the sign-off. What "XO," "Sincerely," or "Regards" says about you. - All the best, your team at Marketplace Money

XOXO: What your email sign-off says about you

"XOXO" has long been the symbol for a kiss and a hug, but a pair of writers say that it's commonly becoming used as a way to sign-off an email message -- even at the workplace. How does your digital sign-off affect how others perceive you at the office?
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Why I don't need a senior discount

Senior citizens get to purchase a host of goods and services at prices 10-20 percent lower than their under-5o counterparts. But commentator Lorie Eber says it's time for senior citizens give up their discounts.
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How to dispute a credit report error

The Federal Trade Commission released a report saying that 42 million consumers have at least one "potentially material error" in their credit reports.
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CFPB to look at college-backed financial products aimed at students

Many colleges now offer student loans and grants on debit cards, without disclosing their agreements with banks. That's caught the federal government's attention.
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Con artists take advantage of vacant homes in limbo

More than 5 million homes have been lost to foreclosure since 2006. That's a lot of real estate, and con artists are determined to put it to good use.
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Las Vegas: A look at housing in Sin City

Last month, Las Vegas dropped to No. 6 on RealtyTrac's list of cities burdened by foreclosures. What's behind the shifting market in Sin City?
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Letters: How can I budget when I'm self-employed?

Bob and Kristy Walker, co-authors of a personal finance textbook, answer listeners' questions about money -- including how to create a budget on a fluctuating income, how to make ends meet when an unexpected tax bill comes your way and how you can build an emergency fund even with unsteady employment.
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