Marketplace Money for Friday, February 14, 2014

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This week on Marketplace Money, guest host Lizzie O’Leary gets the latest news on Obamacare from Marketplace reporter Dan Gorenstein. Marketplace Tech's Ben Johnson gives us a lesson in the volatile currency Bitcoin. Lizzie O’Leary and personal finance columnist Liz Weston answer your questions, and now that most people have their W-2s, we’re looking at the psychology and the practicalities behind taxes and refunds. Indian-American politician Reshma Saujani reflects on how her family’s approach to handling money influenced her own financial habits and digital producer Raghu Manavalan looks at the conversations we're having out in social media.

Is Bitcoin a bad investment?

Taking a look at what has, so far, been a bad year for Bitcoin.
Posted In: bitcoin

It's tax time! What should I do with my refund?

A closer look at the psychology behind filing tax returns.
Posted In: Taxes

@LiveMoney: Love, money, and storm hoarding

A roundup of conversations we're having out in the social media landscape.
Posted In: social media, freelancer, love

Finding value in health care and #obamacarewitherin

62 percent of new health insurance enrollees have chosen the Silver plan. What does that mean, anyway?
Posted In: Affordable Care Act, health care, health insurance, Obamacare

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