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Host Tess Vigeland is reporting from New York City, surrounded by fabulous frocks on display for Fashion Week. And what we're seeing on the runways could eventually end up at a Target store near you. We'll look at how haute couture ends up with an affordable price tag. If you're job hunting, here's what not to do: Send out hundreds of resumes. Some advice for getting noticed in the job market. And the thought of Valentine's Day may break your heart, but it doesn't have to break your bank. We're celebrating February the 14th on the cheap.

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Who benefits from the national mortgage settlement?

The settlement between states and banks is worth $250 billion, but few homeowners benefit.
Posted In: Housing, foreclosures, mortgage, mortgage settlement

Healing in a new home

When commentator Jen Miller's love hit the rocks, she did something unusual -- she called a mortgage broker. But she didn't lose her head.
Posted In: home, purchase, mortgage

Is a dream job a reality?

Author Ramit Sethi discusses his belief that it's possible to network your way to a dream job and offers some tips on how.
Posted In: Jobs, employment, networking, dream

Untangling whole and term-life insurance

Senior Producer Paddy Hirsch and CBS MoneyWatch's Jill Schlesinger break down the different types of life insurance.
Posted In: insurance, whole life, term life, decision, investment

My frugal Valentine

Meg Favreau of says that you don't need to break the bank this Valentine's Day. She shares some tips on what do come February 14th.
Posted In: Valentine's Day, valentine, spending, chocolates, flowers, dining, romance

Making art affordable

Home decor businesses are following the fashion world's example, finding artists who'll mass produce their works and sell them in retail stores for a fraction of the cost.
Posted In: fashion, art, home decor, decoration, artists, discount

The ups and downs of the fashion world

Ever wondered why a few scraps of cloth end up costing $5,000 on the catwalk? Or how designers manage to sell a $5,000 dress for just a few hundred bucks in stores like Target? Tess Vigeland pulls back the curtain on the fashion biz.
Posted In: fashion, Money, Retail, spending

For saving, not splurging potential income

Listeners share what they would do if Congress were to pass legislation to make home refinancing easier -- putting more money in homeowners' pockets.

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