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This weekend on Marketplace Money, guest host David Lazarus, columnist for the LA Times, gets the latest news on consumer data breaches. Is there a real benefit to buying everything with cash? Rob Wile of Business Insider joins him to talk about the cons of cash and what consumers can do to protect themselves while shopping. Also, Marketplace reporter Noel King explores the state of wealth in the African-American community and what small businesses are doing to take advantage of black buying power. Plus, we take a look a the trend of commercial ads "keeping it real" with diverse casting and subject matters, and Indian-American politician Reshma Saujani reflects on how her family's approach to handling money influenced her own financial habits.

Why moving to all-cash can cost you

Why moving to cash instead of credit has its own set of problems.
Posted In: cash, Credit Cards, Target

When commercials 'Keep it real': The rise of realistic advertising

Some companies have begun to show more realistic, diverse images in their advertising campaigns.

@LiveMoney: Do women tweet their own horn at work?

Marketplace Money's Raghu Manavalan wraps up the week of personal finance in the digital realm.
Posted In: social media, Personal Finance

Black buying power hits $1.1 trillion. What does it mean?

If we were talking about countries, that would be the 16th biggest economy in the world, but it's not a country, it's the combined buying power of a group of people who are part of this country: African-Americans.
Posted In: African-Americans, minority

'Did you know there's a pimp in your wallet?'

Why this small business owner believes in the power of cash over plastic.
Posted In: debit cards

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