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The holidays are almost upon us! Have you bought all your gifts, sent off your cards, and thrown all your parties yet? If not, you could benefit from Tess’ conversations on throwing a good -- and fiscally responsible -- party. Plus, get advice on whether to re-gift or not, and learn the tech gadgets on everyone's wish lists. Also, we tell you about new ways of paying that may put an end to the wallet -- and why the move to a cashless society doesn't mean the end of the world is nigh. And while many people are out spending during this holiday season, many families have cut back. We check in with one family as they struggle to cope with the holidays.

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Getting Personal: Power of attorney, hemorrhaging 401(k)s

Tess Vigeland and Marketplace's economics editor Chris Farrell answer listeners' personal finance questions.
Posted In: powers of attorney, Retirement, Investing

Piggy Bank Award: For a year of sound advice

We gathered our regular personal finance advisers to give the gift of saving.

Taking the Card Case out for a spin

Tess takes her newly downloaded Card Case app for a spin into the real world.
Posted In: Credit Cards, Tech, smartphones

How to have a happy holiday, from the Dinner Party Download

As we head into the holidays, buying up the store and making big plans for parties... we could all use a little help if we want to make a splash.
Posted In: Money holidays christmas gifts personal finance

Tech toys for the holidays

From e-readers to video game consoles, find out what to look for and what to avoid when shopping for your tech-savvy friends and family this holiday.
Posted In: tech ereader gaming console holiday gifts, nintendo, wii, xbox, Microsoft, playstation

Cash-strapped Christmas

Unemployment and foreclosures have forced many more households to cut budgets to the bone this year. How some families are coping with the holidays now that they're no longer middle class.
Posted In: poverty, poor, holidays

Going cashless isn't the end of the world

Some people believe that as society uses less cash, we get closer to the End of Days. Tess Vigeland asks a priest whether we should be worried about credit cards and apps that allow you to spend freely without even opening your wallet.
Posted In: money apps cashless credit cards smartphone

The dog ate my paycheck

Commentator Rob Walker with an omnivore's dilemma. He doesn't eat everything in sight... but his dog does.
Posted In: Money dog paycheck self-employed

Effortless spending

Credit cards made spending easy. Now a number of new smartphone apps make it even easier. How to buy, buy, buy, without even reaching for your wallet.
Posted In: Money cashless apps smartphone

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