Marketplace Money for Friday, August 31, 2012

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The political convention season is halfway through, you're probably already sick of all the posturing and grandstanding. But theatrics aside, there are a whole bunch of personal-finance issues on the table, and they couldn't have a greater impact on your wallet. Are voters getting the straight dope? On today's show, we cut through the political rhetoric and look at what's really at stake on a variety of fronts -- health care, Medicare, student loans. We'll even explore the issue of government playing a role in your eating habits. Sound off and let us know your thoughts on all these issues.

How to reduce the price of college

The cost of college continues to soar higher and higher. An education expert posits that costs can go down if the public sector pulls out of higher education.
Posted In: college, Tuition, financial aid, federal aid

Rethinking public subsidies in higher education

Commentator Andrew Kelly says tax dollars should fund innovation in higher education, not more of the same
Posted In: Education, state, financial aid, subsidies, loans

Heading towards fiscal health

David Lazarus of the Los Angeles Times answers caller questions on personal finance, along with CBS editor-at-large Jill Schlesinger.
Posted In: family, marriage, Social Security, identity theft, Retirement, emergency fund, college

Nanny state or helpful hand?

Figuring out where personal responsibility ends and government intervention begins when it comes to eating habits.
Posted In: Health, junk food ban

Government should tax unhealthy food

The director of the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services says there should be financial incentives for healthy food choices, consequences for unhealthy ones.
Posted In: Health, soda, junk food ban

Health care expert changes mind on vouchers program

A former supporter and architect of the Medicare vouchers program explains why he's now opposed to the program, which Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney supports.
Posted In: health care, Medicare, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, vouchers

Housing, jobs and retirement stay on voters' minds

Undecided voters in Florida and North Carolina share what their greatest concerns are in the upcoming election.
Posted In: North Carolina, Florida, housing crisis, Education, manufacturing, Retirement, Jobs

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