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Since the recession, people are saving money in all kinds of ways, including not adding to their family. The USDA reveals how much the average family spends, per child, from zero to 18. Sometimes, though, the baby trade-off can actually help your bottom line. And still worried about the cost of kids? You might consider buying used. (Well, maybe not everything secondhand.) Also, a Republican delegate shares the cost of being a delegate traveling to the Republican Convention.

Your child, in dollars and cents

There's no way to estimate the returns on a hug from your son or an afternoon of baking cookies with your brood, but the USDA was able to estimate how much a child takes out of your bank account.
Posted In: children, spending, Housing, Education

Finding your dream babysitter

The search for your soulmate and the perfect babysitter have some surprising parallels.
Posted In: Babysitters, spending, children, family

The costs and rewards of adoption

A Minnesota family does what it takes to make their dream of a big family a reality.
Posted In: adoption, family, spending

Secondhand shopping for baby

A stroller, a crib, clothes for a kid who may not be the same size next week are among the many items parents need to purchase for their new baby. Buying secondhand can be easier on the wallet. Learn what is safe -- and unsafe -- to buy secondhand for junior.
Posted In: children, secondhand, shopping, spending

A richer life with no kids

A married man in his forties reflects on his choice to not have children.
Posted In: children, marriage, Savings, spending

Exploiting baby

Author Teresa Strasser talks about the give-and-take relationship she has with her babies.
Posted In: babies, teresa strasser, book

Financial planning for baby

There's a lot to decide before you have a baby. Certified financial planner Louis Barajas answers expecting parents' questions about how to be prepared financially for your baby.
Posted In: pregnancy, louis barajas, callers, questions

The price tag for being an RNC delegate

Republicans all over the country are starting to pack for Tampa, Fla., where the Republican Convention will be. One delegate breaks down the costs of participating in democracy.
Posted In: RNC, 2012 election, Republicans, delegate

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