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For the next four weeks,  we're going to talk about The American Dream.  The phrase means something to millions of people:  getting educated, moving up, retiring well and buying a home.  This weekend’s show places home ownership under a microscope. What should you know before you buy? How should youthink about costs? And whether owning a home is the right decision for you. Plus, a game where you can test your knowledge of famous TV homes and a checklist for homebuyers out there.

House hunt: Match the famous home with its TV show

"Full House," "The Cosby Show," "Golden Girls" -- all of these TV shows featured noteworthy homes. Play our matching game and see if you can match each house with its TV show.
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What should homebuyers ask themselves before entering the market?

Existing home sales topped an almost four-year high in July. So what should you expect to encounter as a first-time home buyer?
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What will mortgages look like after Fannie and Freddie?

The government is trying to wind down Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which could really change the mortgage picture out there. What can we expect to see if the government-backed companies go private or have a diminished role?
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The home buying process starts with an app

There are a ton of real estate apps out there. Advice on which ones should be on your smartphone.
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Low-income folks should build wealth, then buy a home

Home ownership can be a way for low-income folks to punch a ticket to upward mobility. But many experts say that low-income people should build wealth in other ways before they take on a mortgage.
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The skinny on short sales and other real estate questions answered

What resources are available for first-time home buyers? Is there a way to time the market right to take advantage of low mortgage rates? How can you know if you earn enough income to qualify for a refi? Personal finance expert Louis Barajas answers listeners' questions about home ownership. Plus, learn about 10 home buying mistakes you should avoid.
Posted In: Housing, Personal Finance

Open House 101: Buyer be ready!

If you're browsing in today's housing market, you'd better be ready for some stiff competition. A Los Angeles realtor talks about all it takes to land a home you want.
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