Marketplace Money for Friday, August 2, 2013

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For the last three weeks, we’ve gone back to the basics…understanding concepts like banking, savings and investing.  Today, we wrap up our series  with a look at one of the most important money relationships you have.  It takes maintenance, self awareness, and self control.  It's your life with credit and debt.   How do you build or rebuild a credit history?  How many cards should you have?  And what’s the best card for you?  This week, a guide to credit and debt. 

Five tips for first-time credit card owners

From learning the lingo to paying on time, we've got some guidelines for avoiding common credit card pitfalls.
Posted In: Credit card, debt, tips

How to choose the best credit card for you

Advice on how to take advantage of credit card offers without letting credit companies take advantage of you.
Posted In: Credit Cards, financial advice

Your credit questions answered

From credit cards to credit scores, personal finance expert Louis Barajas answers your questions about getting in and out of debt.
Posted In: Credit Cards, credit card debt

How to build (or rebuild) your credit history

A secured credit card could be the answer to helping transform a weak credit score and history.
Posted In: Credit card, secured credit card, financial advice

Your first credit card stories

Listeners tell us about their first credit cards.
Posted In: Credit Cards

Personal Finance Basics

A guide to personal finance basics, including tips on savings, strategies on investing, and more.
Posted In: banking, Investing, Savings, credit, Personal Finance

Five credit tips

Remember these five tips on credit and debt from today's Marketplace Money.
Posted In: credit, Credit Cards, debt

Settling the credit score: How lenders judge consumers

What does your credit score say about what kind of consumer you are?
Posted In: credit report, credit score, FICO score

No credit needed at Sunnyside Farm

One farm lets customers build their own credit through the honor system.
Posted In: farming, tabs, credit

Need a book that can help your finances too?

Book picks for your summer reading list.
Posted In: summer reading, debt, credit, Books

Money mysteries solved

Explaining some terms, phrases and concepts about money you might hear everyday, but not fully understand.
Posted In: money mysteries, explainer, FDIC, piggy banks

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